House Washing and more, Fort Walton Beach

This customer in north Fort Walton Beach hired us to provide multiple services to this residence including house washing, driveway and sidewalk cleaning plus gutter cleaning. This is an older home which has a large amount of mature vegetation, presenting a great deal of planning and property protection.

Great results were achieved for house washing since we took our time and applied the cleaner in multiple passes. There was considerable mold and mildew on the siding which was located on the second story. No problem for us, we have the right equipment to reach these heights and more, all safely and efficiently.

Pressure Washing the driveway and sidewalk cleaning totaled 3500 square feet plus a back patio of an additional 1000 square feet, all of which turned out great. The gutter cleaning on this 2 story house was completed on our 2nd day. Great results and a great customer.

Metal Roof Cleaning, Shalimar

The owner of this home was preparing to install solar panels and hired us to clean the roof of the house and the garage. I was told it had only been a couple of years since it was last cleaned by the owner. Mold, Mildew and Algae can build up very quickly. This roof required several applications of our cleaning solution and it turned out fantastic. Give us a call for a free estimate to clean your metal roof.

Fence Cleaning and Staining, Santa Rosa Beach

This fence surrounds a vacation home for a wonderful family from Michigan. The fence is about 10 years old and had succumbed to nature’s elements mainly Gloeo-capsa-magma as known as black algae. We thoroughly cleaned with a proprietary non-bleach solution then applied 2 coats of our favorite water based stain. The stain provides years of protection from UV Rays, Mold, Mildews and Algae. Give us a call for a free estimate to clean and stain your fence or deck.

Pool Deck makeover, Gulf Breeze

This project involves staining the concrete pool deck. Pool Decks are always a challenge and every one is different. Successful completion of this type of project is all about the prep work. Extensive efforts go into planning this work with the numerous steps involved and the amount of protection required. This protection often entails as in this case, a great deal of hand taping the pool coping and expansion joints. The entire inside of the pool enclosure and the patio was covered and taped as well. Part of the process is to sample test colors for customer expectations. No surprises here… this testing provided the customer the opportunity to adjust color depth and tints. The final color is the result of 3 changes and is actually a blend of 2 colors. A sealer was then applied to give the concrete protection from the environment. Give us a call for a free estimate to give your pool deck a beautiful makeover.

Boat Dock Staining, Niceville

Young family planning for the future! This boat dock is connected to an empty lot recently purchased by my customers. Wisely they decided to hire us to help protect this dock. A premium stain product was installed that is ideal for docks and decks and is formulated for the Florida environment. Because this is an unimproved lot, we needed the capability to bring water for the cleaning process. We invest thousands each year to be able to meet and exceed our customers needs/situations. Turned out absolutely beautiful. Give us a call for a free estimate to clean and stain your fence, deck or dock.

Commercial Pressure Washing - Navarre Beach

Commercial pressure washing comes in many forms and situations. Each project is unique with time restrictions and circumstances. It might be an office building, a bank or restaurant building, a doctors office, a hi-rise hotel, multi-unit Townhouses or in this case a vacation rental house. We usually find that commercial power washing is best done a night so we don’t interfere with normal business activities.

This commercial power washing project is located at Navarre Beach. Undergoing a complete interior renovation we were hired to power wash the exterior siding, clean 3 balconies and prep the handrails for painting. The time involved with commercial power washing can range from a few hours to many days depending on the scope of work and the severity of the grime.

This project required 2 days to complete, partially due to the lack of water at this property. We were required to get water from another rental owned by this customer several blocks away from this property. This required disconnecting all hoses and driving to the other property, connecting water , filling the tank and returning to this property, reconnecting and startup again. Very time consuming, we do what we have too!

The customer was so delighted with our perseverance and the results, they hired us to clean the other property at Navarre Beach as well.

If you have Commercial Power Washing needs or any exterior cleaning, please contact us for your free consultation and quote. We guarantee our results.

Commercial Pressure Washing

A before and after pic of a beach rental house at Miramar Beach. The significance of this is we were able to remove the black streaks at the balconies.

Tile Roof Cleaning Eglin AFB, Florida

This tile roof cleaning project was located at Eglin AFB. This is a large building with the roof area approximately 16,000 square feet. The photos show about 1/3 of this building and took us 2 days to complete this very dirty roof cleaning project.
Our roof cleaning process includes removing debris from the roof and gutters prior to application of the cleaning chemicals. We are quite unique in our roof cleaning process taking advantage of our knowledge and experience in this work. We use our own chemical recipe focused on effective cleaning while protecting the surroundings and the environment. We rinse the roof (at least partially) and re-apply the cleaners as needed. Another positive aspect of our process is that we do not walk on the roof. Not only is that extremely dangerous but can also cause damage to the roof. Give American Wash Pros a call at 850-543-3669 for your free roof cleaning quote.

Pool Deck and Patio re-finish at Hampton Inn Fort Walton Beach

This Hampton Inn is undergoing a major remodel and we were hired to spruce up the pool deck and the adjoining patio. The existing coating was quite worn and was peeling and chipping in many areas. We spent significant time in the preparation for the new pool deck coating including pressure washing and removing the old coating where needed. This preparation is required to assure a good bond to the existing surface. This project was completed in January which is their slow time. The difficulty with applying any exterior coating is the temperature restrictions encountered in January. We only had a 3-4 hour window each day to apply the new Pool Deck coating, so applying 2 coats took us a week to complete. This Pool Deck coating contains an anti-slip feature that is very desirable in wet/damp conditions. Call American Wash Pros at 850-543-3669 for you free quote regarding Pool Deck painting/resurfacing or any of our other services.

roof before 1


roof after 1
Dramatic before and after pictures of cleaning a really neglected metal roof.
fence before 1


fence after 1
Cleaned and stained fence. This protects the wood from deterioration due to natures elements such as UV rays, mold, mildew, and even resists infestation from insects.
pool before 1


pool after 1
Pool deck beautification using concrete stain
pool before 2


pool after 2
Pool deck beautification using concrete stain
deck before 1


deck after 1
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